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     Application advantage of UF technology in municipal water supply 

    Membrane separation technology represents the water treatment development future trend , it is called 21st century water filtering technology. 

    the common membrane technology for water treatment includs the Microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis , this 4 kinds. 

    MF has a good performance in fitlering the Suspended matter and particulate matter. but it can not perfectly filtering the bacteria and viruses, so it has a limitation in the drinking water treatment

    NF has a good function in fitlering the organic matter, but due to its request of high pressure, and high operation cost, whcih makes it few using in the drinking water treatment.


    RO membrane is mainly using in Seawater, brackish water desalination, pure water manufacturing

    UF technolgoy is a new technology in recent years using  In municipal water supply,  UF almost can filter all the Bacteria, viruses, pathogenic protozoa. 

    it has more advantange function as following:


    1. the stable output water quality , the output water turbidity is hardly affected by raw water quality, the output turbidity is usually lower than 0.1NTU.

    2. UF is with High safety , it can perfectly filter the worm jia, cryptosporidium, bacteria and viruses.etc.

    3. ower disinfection by-products generation 

    4. various capacity of output water, just considering the reduce or add the module, it is suitable for any capacity of outpuer water requet, and it is easy for reorganization and expansion

    5. with a small area occupied and short time construction time, it has a good emergency power in the Floods, droughts, man-made pollution Water quality incident. THus, when comparing with the  traditional water treatment technology, the UF technology is better in secure the drinking water quality, and it is Green Initiative, high efficiency, energy saving, simple and convenient-process, is really the best choice for the drinking water filed.

    high filtering precision , good water quality

    PVC alloy UF membrane with a high filtering precision, average 0.01um, the outputer water quality is stable, and the water turbidity is lower than 0.1NTU, and the output water turbidity is hardly affected by raw water quality

    big output capaity under low water pressure, 

    the operation pressure is mostly under 0.02-0.07MPa,


    strongantipollution ability

    DUE to it is good hydrophilia and small fitlering port size, the PVC alloy UF has a strong antipollution ability.




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