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    Reverse osmosis pure water equipment



    Reverse osmosis technology is a membrane separation technology, which is using together with the pre-water treatment system. 

    Using the high pressure from water pump and via the reverse osmosis membrane, it can effectively remove the water dissolved solids content, organic matter, colloid, microorganisms and bacteria and other impuritie, etc..

    It also has a wide application range, high initiative, less area-occupied, low energy consumption and high quality of flitered water.

    Reverse osmosis Host System:

    RO system is mainly composed by booster pump, membrane housing, ROmembrane, control system etc, which is the core part of the whole water treatment system, and is the most important part that decide the quaity of the flitered water.

    with the suitable membrane model and booster pump, the salt filtering function can be high than 99%, and the  water conductivity can be guaranteed within 10 us/cm (25 degrees).

    Reverse osmosis principle

    put The same volume of dilute solution (like fresh water) and thick liquid (such as sea water or salt water) respectively

    into the container, separated by a semipermeable membrane, the dilute solution will easily and naturlly go into the thick liquid side through the membrane,,the height of the thick liquid will be higher than the other side to form a pressure difference,and achieve a balance state, the pressure difference is the osmotic pressure, the pressure level determined by the varietyof the liquid, but the concentration and temperature has nothing to do with the nature of a semipermeable membrane.

    If in concentrated solution side, using a higher pressure,  and the thick liquid will go into the  dilute solution side,which is opposit with that original flow direction, this process is called  reverse osmosis.



    composed of sand filter, activated carbon filter and precision filter, its main purpose is to remove sediment, rust, colloid substances contained in the raw water, suspended solids, pigment and peculiar smell, biochemical organic matter, reduce the residual ammonia water and harmful substances such as pesticide pollution.

    If in the raw water, the calcium and magnesium ions is high, it will need to add the water softening device to protect the  reverse osmosis membrane from damaged by large particle damage, so can  prolong the service life of the membrane.

    Reverse osmosis device is system that mainly organized by the RO membrane. the whole RO system contains the pretreatment part, Ro host device , post treatment part and the clean system part,


    Post-processing part is working with the pure water filtered by the RO host,,

     if the follow-up process is ion exchange or electric ion (EDI) equipment,then can producing the industrial ultrapure water , if it is using in the filed of the household commercial directly drinking using filed, it often goes with the sterilization device, such as  ultraviolet germicidal lamp or ozone generator, which makes the water can be directly drinkable.


    Mechanical filter

    Mechanical filter is used to reduce the turbidity of water, not only can be used as the pretreatment equipment, can also be used as ordinary filtration equipment separately in the palces that not request high water quality.

    Mechanical filter is using one or several of filter medium, under some certain pressure, making source water go through the medium, and then remove the suspended solids, organic matter, colloid particles in the water, microorganism, chlorine, odor and some heavy metal ions to get water purified. 

    Is mainly used to reduce the water turbidity, suspended solids, viscous and non-viscous colloidal substances.the inside filling material usually is  quartz sand, anthracite coal particles, porous ceramics, manganese sand, etc.

     generally when raw water turbidity is higher than 5 ntu, suspended content more than 300 ㎎ / L, choosing quartz sand filter;

    When the fe iron, manganeseis is higher than 0.3 ㎎, can consider using manganese sand filter which can effectively remove excessive amounts of iron, manganese ion in the water. The user can choose to use according to actual situation

    Mechanical filter, also called as pressure filter is in the pretreatment of pure water filtering system, the important part of the water purifier system.

    it has steel rubber lining or stainless steel material, and according to the different medium, it can be called as  many medium filter, activated carbon filter, manganese sand filter and according to the actual using, it can be used in combination or separated. 

    It can filter suspended solids, mechanical impurity, organic matter, etc., thus it can improve the clarity of the water

    the activated carbon filter is using activated carbon filter medium to remove the pigment, organic matter, residual chlorine in the water, colloid, pigment, microorganisms etc. the manganese sand filter media is  using manganese sand to mainly eliminate the ferrous iron ion in the water.

    Design maximum flow m3 / h: 6.3-64

    Nominal diameter mm: DN1000 - DN3200

    working pressure: Mpa: 0.2 to 0.6

    Using area and characteristics. 


    Reverse osmosis membrane separation technology, using the principle of reverse osmosis membrane separation, has the following distinctive features:

    Under the normal temperature without phase change, it can separate the water and the solute, is suitable for the speration of heat sensitive material and enrichment , and when compare with the spearation under the phase change, it will be with lower energy consumption.

    High desalination rate and water recyle rete, can intercept the solute particle size of nanometers.

    with lower pressure function of the Membrane separation, it is easy device separation, handling, maintaining and selfcontroling, which makes it safty and sanitation,

    Areas of application:
    Reverse osmosis membrane technology is mainly and widely using  in power plant boiler make-up water, electronics, semiconductor industry ultrapure water treatment, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry of water treatment, food, beverage, water treatment, seawater, brackish water desalination, metallurgy, light industry, electroplating and wastewater treatment of leather industry...


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